From A Dental School Dean:

My parents are Dr. Bernard W and Mrs. Emma W of Coconut Creed Florida. My mother has a significant medical history and also needed to be seen by you professionally for dental care.

You delivered that care in a manner which was not only professional, but in a manner that took into account and helped maintain her quality of life.

A letter such as this does not do justice to the gratitude that my wife and I feel toward you. My wife is a geriatrician/physician and between us and my general dentist father, Bernard, sincerely thank you for your expertise, compassion and just for being there to be available for your patients.

Sincerely yours,

Richard W, D.M.D., M. Sc. D

Associate Dean

Temple University School of Dentistry

We Get Phone Calls Like This One:

Hi Doctor Hirschberg, It’s Stacy J. Thank you for your call. I feel great, you’re my hero.

I think it sounds weird but I look forward to going through the rest of it, you make it a lot more enjoyable to go through.

Tell your staff that I said thank you as well.

Cosmetic Case:

To Whom It May Concern:

Once again, Dr. Hirschberg has performed magic in dentistry, and returned a smile to my face. He is truly an artist and I will forever be grateful!


Sylvia S (a devoted patient)

From A Former Dental Coward :

Dear Nervous and Afraid,

I’m writing this letter to anyone who is scared of dentists because I want them to know that through my personal experiences with Dr. Hirschberg, my fears have dissipated. From the time I was a small child until my adulthood, I had many traumatic experiences involving my teeth and I grew to become terrified of dentists.

When I met Dr. Hirschberg, he was very kind and understanding. With each returning visit, my anxiety lessoned as Dr. Hirschberg worked on my teeth, always telling me the truth and being as gentle as he could. I can honestly say that I experienced no pain and his work was excellent. His friendly manner made trips to the office a pleasant experience. His entire staff was kind, courteous and just as gentle in their dealings with me.

As a person who is truly afraid of dentists, I can assure you that, at Dr. Hirschberg’s office, you’re in good hands. So, if you too are scared of dentists, know that you will find no better than Dr. Hirschberg to give you the smile and the confidence that you always wanted.

Best of luck,

You’re sincerely,

Sarah B.

Another Very Happy Patient With Her Cosmetic Result:

Dear Dr. Hirschberg

Not only do I think you’re a dental genius, but everyone who looks at me thinks I’ve changed my hair, lost 20 pounds or had a surgical facelift! As only you and I know, it’s none of the above. It’s my teeth. You changed my whole face and whole look and made my face look absolutely great.

Now that you’re finished with me, my teeth are absolutely perfect. If you have any patients looking for a reference, show them this letter and tell them they’re free to call me.

Thank you again.


Gail M

Patients Who Move Really Miss Us :

Dear Dr. Hirschberg

This will be my last visit to you as I’m moving to Arizona the end of the week. There are two people I want to take with me – My hairdresser and you!

You are a perfectionist, a delight and a damn good dentist!

I shall miss you.


Elizabeth G.

We Care For You Like Our Own Family:

Thank you for always treating me with kindness, respect and consideration, each and every time I visited your office. It has truly meant so much to me.

May God bless you all!

With lots of Love

Marie P.

Even If You Are Only Visiting:

Even though we don’t even live here you made us feel extremely comfortable and welcome at your office.

Thanks you for taking the time to fix our teeth. We will never forget what you and your office has done.

Thank you!

Kelly and Erin

Six Veneers:

Thank you for all your consideration, patience and extraordinary care….


Cory C

From Another Dentist:

Dear Neighbor,

As a retired dentist, I am certainly aware of the importance of dental care. I also know that many people put off visiting a dentist, because quite frankly, they don’t know who to trust.

I’ve had the opportunity to know Dr. Hirschberg for many years. He’s the kind of dentist to whom I feel comfortable sending my family and friends, not just because of his fine dental work, but because he’s established a caring relationship with his patients.

Every patient who I have sent to Dr. Hirschberg has appreciated the gentle, quality care that they’ve received. He is supported by a well-trained, highly motivated staff, and I would certainly recommend that you call him for any dental needs. So keep smiling, and take good care of your teeth!

Sincerely yours,

Jeffrey C, D.D.S

He Drove About Fifty Minutes To Visit Us. Read What He HasTo Say:

Dear Dr. Hirschberg,

My smile has not been this radiant in 30 years thanks to your artistry and superb attention to detail! Can’t thank you enough, Dr. Hirschberg. Your ears must be “burning” each morning and evening when I brush my beautiful capped teeth and say, “That Gilbert Hirschberg is a WIZARD!”

I must also compliment you for your skillful light touch and for keeping me informed on what you were doing while you were working. Additionally, it was a pleasure being in your office. You have a fine staff.

Thanks again for your pleasant chairside manner.

Yours with a happy smile,

Roland B

From A Former Employee:

Dr. Hirschberg, Staff and Patients:

I have been in the dental field for the past ten years. I have always enjoyed being a dental hygienist, but my time here has been the best by far.

I was fortunate to work for such a caring and excellent dentist. I have seen a lot of work and he is the best.

Recently my husband was transferred and we are moving. My sincerer regret is leaving my job at Dr. Hirschberg’s office.

To Dr. Hirschberg and staff: I thank you for a stellar experience. You will remain in my thoughts for this life experience I will never forget


Lori B. RDH

We Have More Testimonials In Our Office:

A visit to our office will change the way you think about dentistry.

We invite you to join our family of patients.

Dr. Hirschberg and Staff

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